Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Benevolent Village Dog


Okay, I know what part of my head this one came from. It started when I read a since-lost news story about a child in India that had to marry the town dog to overcome some curse or other. This image immediately popped in my head and subsequently my sketchbook. Then I remembered seeing that dog's face somewhere, naturally I looked to and found a dog with the exact same expression. Somehow that happy dog just stuck in my head. Maybe because my own dog only glowers at me.... but anyway.... Thus the creation of The Benevolent Village Dog!

I don't really know what part of my head this came from.....

They are just the best of friends.

Rainy Day Snail

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dog Sketches

bubble pup
is it clean? probably not

nyssa sheds way too much

nyssa doesn't want you touchin' her stuff


kora barks too much

kora thinks she is people
and she thinks she can eat anything

sketchbook animals


royal lion.
the frame and pillowy diamonds are a bit wonky so they may go

rainbow bird
no there is nothing wrong with your monitor


it's just a horse
of course